Are You Prepared for the Inevitable?

“Always be prepared.” -Boy Scouts

“Two is one and one is none.” -Navy Seals

“Where the *bleep* did that *bleep*ing pacifier go??” -Any rookie parent

While strolling through a park today, I noticed the above blue pacifier standing out in a pile of leaves.

To any parent who has plodded through the baby years, a lost pacifier can be a trying moment in time. The baby who is craving some soothing pacification can easily fly off the handle, crying for what-seems-like-hours for his or her favorite binky.

Any parent who has been around the block knows to always have another one close at hand for moments like these, when a shifty pacifier rolls off into the woods. It’s a proven fact that wherever there is ground, the pacifier will inevitably find it. Are you prepared for the inevitable?

In other words, don’t ‘leaf’ home with out two pacifiers… or maybe even three.

It’s a pacifying life lesson if there ever was one.

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