Meet: Virginia Bluebells

In February, I reached the mini-milestone of publishing 100 posts on this digital word repository that I call Dangling Twine. No need for fanfare, no really, please stop, you’re too kind, but thank you, dear reader, for joining the ride these past few years, even if that dear reader is mainly just me.

But since post #100, either my mind has turned to proverbial mush, or my dedication to writing has withered on the vine, or maybe life just got in the way, I have posted nothing, until now.

Switching gears from haiku or ramblings as I focused on in the past (and may yet again), I’m going to post some photos of and chatter about native plants that are growing in my yard to help me get back on track with writing and photographing. Circle back to my post pertaining to native prickly pears and more prickly pears if you are so inclined.

So those looking for a pithy poem or distracting diatribe, come back another time (or dig back into the archive). Thanks for now indulging me in gazing at what brightens my outdoor scenery, and I hope it inspires you to plant some natives of your own, wherever you may live.

Today, meet Virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica).

A little touch of blue as an early season bloomer brings respite after a long, gray winter. Popping out in dappled shade, this herbaceous perennial serves as a reminder that, yes, good things come from dirt.

I planted Virginia bluebells about three years ago, and it’s always a delight to see it return and thrive.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now, but thanks for stopping by on this long, winding road to my 200th post and beyond (ok, maybe let’s just get to #102 first, shall we?).

Happy planting, friends.

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