Vino for Pandemicnado

“Vino.” Villa Nova Resort Motel. Wildwood, NJ

In perusing some of my old photos I came across this shot from a few summers back.

Who knew this out-of-focus, nondescript glimpse at a defective Wildwood motel sign would be rather prophetic to today’s world?

For one, vino has become a drink of choice for many parents new to the trade of homeschooling during this disjointed, stay-at-home realm of Pandemicnado.

(Aside– The WordPress spellcheck is telling me that “Pandemicnado” is not a word. But in these times, I think it’s safe to defy dictionarial convention, so it’s staying. And I’m going with dictionarial too, Mr. Spellcheck, deal with it.)

Vino aside, us New Jerseyans have begun to salivate at the thought of returning to Shore towns like Wildwood this summer, as the state starts to open up from social distancing restrictions. As Governor Murphy recently referenced, it’s in our blood to be at the Shore.

Soon enough, there will be plenty of vino imbibed in Wildwood and towns up and down the chain of Jersey’s barrier islands.

Please, friends, let’s de-pandemicize safely and responsibly.

The threat of having to do another year of mass-homeschooling should be enough to help us see the light.

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