Rusty Observation

I’m no scientist.

Nor am I a mariner.

Nor a historian.

But I do consider myself an observationist.

One thing I observe is that as I typed observationist, a squiggly red line popped up under the word, which leads me to observe that observationist is not actually a recognized word in the English language. To heck with the dictionary purists, I’m running with it any way, so put that in your pipe and observe it.

Being the observationist that I am, this rusted pole that I spotted in a lake somewhere in South Jersey suggests to me the following three observations:

  1. The pole is almost completely rusted above the current water line, which suggests to me that this lake was perhaps a foot or so higher at some point, and,
  2. Based on the amount of the pole that is submerged in water, perhaps the lake regularly reaches a level that was not originally intended when this pole was installed, which means,
  3. It’s either a prime example of climate change impacting our historic water levels (if so: YIKES), OR somebody seems to have made a pretty poor judgment of pole placement (if so: D’Oh), OR maybe I’m just totally wrong about this altogether, in which case my observation skills are getting rusty as well (if so: ugh).

In conclusion, yeah, I think my observation skills are just getting rusty. 

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