Faced… or Defaced?

There’s the old saying of “leave it as you found it” when traversing a trail.

Don’t litter. Avoid harm to plants and wildlife. Let nature be nature.

And, of course, never sketch a Sharpie-drawn cartoon countenance on a tree.

Clearly this tree in question has been defaced– with a face.

But maybe it’s not such a terrible thing?

After all, Geocaching has grown in popularity, as has the Kindness Rocks Project. The former encourages families to explore public places in search of hide-and-seek containers; the latter features kids painting friendly messages on rocks for others to find.

In other words, both hobbies involve a variation of messing with nature.

Ultimately, though, getting children and families out walking in fresh air and exploring the world around them is a beautiful thing… maybe if a tree smile results in a child smile, it’s not so bad to deface a tree like this?

I just wouldn’t want copycats creating a whole trove of trees smiling at me during my walk.

That’s definitely not something I’d want to face.

Photo: Hiking trail in Black Run Preserve, Evesham, NJ.

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