Happy New Decade

Let’s send 2019 out with a bang, shall we?

I have been very much remiss in writing in this blog of late, and to the scads of people who stop by this domain, I do apologize for my disappearance. And by “scads of people,” I mean poor souls who accidentally land on this blog while Googling more remarkable queries such as “dangling twine for cats to play with” and the like.


Last Saturday, my family and I ventured to Mill Hill Park to take in the reenactment of the Battle of Trenton.

Superb spectacle, I must say.

None of us had watched a war reenactment in person before, but we all… had a blast.

As 2019 slips into history, let’s all be thankful for the men and women, past and present, who have put their lives on the line for this great country.

Listening to the ominous booms and thuds from the reenactment remind me just how decimating war is, and how tenuous freedom was for those 13 colonies, and continues to be for every country today. With war still continuing around the world, people die fighting for their homeland. Let’s hope the New Year brings old wars to a close once and for all.

Let’s also thank the dedicated war reenactors who put forth time, money, and effort to give the rest of us a glimpse of days gone by, and show why it’s important to remember how things were in the past so we can make for a better future.

Happy 2020, friends. Here’s to a peaceful decade ahead.

Pictured are British soldiers ‘firing’ at Patriots on Mill Hill, as onlookers gaze from afar.

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