Cheep Thrills

I recently saw a meme on Facebook, titled “What Gives People Feelings of Power” and showed a hand-drawn bar graph with three labeled bars of increasing length.

The shortest bar: Money

The middle bar: Status

The longest bar: Growing a Tomato

Though I haven’t dabbled in tomato growing, I vouch that the feeling of power that accompanies the successful collaboration with nature is addictive– exhilarating even. And something we could all use in these strange days we find ourselves navigating.

With that in mind, earlier this spring, I decided to replace the weary, dreary birdhouses that my family and I inherited when we moved into our home 5 years ago. Part of my plan included evicting a gang of obnoxious, invasive house sparrows.

After removing the old houses (and sending those house sparrows packing), I hung a blue birdhouse. Within a week, I had a pair of house wrens checking it out, moving in, and singing cheerily every day since. My kids, wife, and I took interest in watching this unfold, from the comfort of our kitchen table.

Then, this past weekend, I heard lots of frenzied chirping coming out of the birdhouse.

Intrigued, I stretched my arm up high and took the accompanying photo. Sure enough these cherubic, cheeping chicks cheesed for the camera as they waited for their parents to return with insects from the yard. The little ones chirp like crazy every time they are fed and continue for a few moments after their parents fly away. So cool.

The most rewarding part? Relaxing in the yard with my family, enjoying our time of watching the wrens enjoying their time as a growing family.

Nature power is the best power.

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