R.I.P. Scott

“Whatever it takes. All the time. Every day.”

-Scott Davis

There’s an empty chair at my proverbial table: My friend Scott passed away over night.

He had a rough battle with cancer over the past two years. Regrettably, I hadn’t spoken to him much in the past 10 or even more years since we last worked at the same overnight camp together where we met.

But he still left a mighty impact on my life. And on the lives of many fellow camp folks. And undoubtedly countless others in his everyday world.

A big dude, he could plow you over going for a rebound in basketball, out-muscle you in chasing a loose hockey puck, or blast a Wiffle Ball for miles.

And yet, he could also shoot an arrow with precision, pen a powerful speech, or cook up a mean grilled cheese sandwich on a tabletop grill.

Indeed, Scott was a role model for me, even though we were polar opposites in many ways.

He made me a better person, and, for that, I am eternally grateful.

Rest in peace, Digger. Remember, “the quest is the quest,” and please save me the “Chair of Honor” for when we meet again.

Pictured: A chair from one of my favorite places and a place that Scott certainly would have loved– Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ.

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