Purple Wave

In just a few short hours here in the great U.S. of A., we will wrap up the midterm elections, otherwise known as the light at the end of the tunnel before the light at the end of the next tunnel before the… you get the idea.

Political pundits ponder the possibility of a “blue wave” or a “red wave” in this hotly-contested grudge match of rival parties. The curtain will soon come down on the Jets and the Sharks.

For now.

The build-up for this election has lasted, oh, I don’t know, about two years. With lawn signs and robo-calls, mudslinging commercials and finger-pointing op-eds, social media ads and antisocial bickering.

What I look forward to is a purple wave.

One of these days, hopefully, we can collectively find a way to practice sportsmanship and respect in the game of politics and not have to scrape and claw over every inch of every decision. And while we’re at it, a broad array of role models of professionalism would be nice too. Diverse opinions, shared and deliberated. Facts rising over opinions and hyperbole. From both political parties, red and blue.

I don’t expect for all of us to agree on every issue, but I do expect for us to be able to elect politicians who we can entrust to do their jobs effectively and collaboratively, and lead this country to new heights.

Here’s to a productive, positive, and purple future in this great land.

Happy voting to one and all.

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