Galvanizing Play Time


It was a gray, gusty New Year’s Day in South Jersey this morning.

By no means a perfect park day, but for 50ish degrees in January, we took the jaunt out and happened on an empty playground. My kiddos had a blast getting the rare opportunity to own the whole space and not having to share the grounds with other little ones.

As they romped around for a bit before we headed off to pick up some groceries, I spotted these idle toddler swings and had to snap my shutter.

Considering how much joy these hanging buckets bring to so many youngsters, it fascinates me that they can look so bleak and institutional– torturous, even– when not in use. Rusted contraptions made from rigid, rusted, rugged manufactured components.

To get the full effect, I just had to dig around and see what swings are made of and came across this product description for a belt seat that older kids use:

“Molded co-polymer seat with galvanized triangle hardware, this tough swing has steel inserts to help resist vandalism.”

Well, if that sales copy doesn’t warm your heart as you conjure up mental images of your precious child laughing and smiling and screaming while gliding back and forth through the air with not a care in the world, then I don’t know what would.

“Galvanized triangle hardware.” Doesn’t get more playful than that.

I love a good juxtaposition to start off the New Year, don’t you?

Happy 2019 my friends. Keep on swingin’.

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