A Workout for Your Willpower

How strong is your willpower?

There’s been considerable research into willpower and one of the pioneers in this area is Roy Baumeister. Baumeister discovered that willpower actually operates like a muscle: it can be strengthened with practice and fatigued by overuse. Willpower in the brain is fueled by glucose and it needs to replenished in order for it to perform optimally.

If you can resist, oh, I don’t know, say… slopping your hands all over wet paint… or, perhaps, taking crayons and drawing all over white walls… then you’ve grown a strong willpower muscle.

(Or you’re a neat-freak and allergic to making a mess.)

I snapped this photo at the James A. Michener Museum and was impressed that the wet paint was impeccably neat and the crayons were all properly placed in the basket, even though there were many kids in the area who could have easily ruined either still life scenario.

That’s a willpower workout of champions.

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