A Reminder to Make Lists

The photo above shows scribbles that my daughter made several years ago as a preschooler. She drew this in my pocket notebook, which is what I sometimes use to write down to-do lists.

Fast-forward to today when my daughter, now a first-grader, had a friend over to play.

Interestingly, before her friend arrived, my daughter had come up with her own to-do list of plans for the two of them to enjoy. The list reads as follows:

  1. Playing family
  2. Play with Rosie (her stuffed animal penguin)
  3. going in my Room
  4. drawing
  5. saying hi to (her brother)
  6. going in my base mint
  7. eating 🙂
  8. Haveing fun

That’s quite a full afternoon!

Sure enough, the two of them knocked out each and every one of these tasks… and they even “x’d” them off as they went about their play date.

They definitely had a blast along the way.

Lesson learned… if only I could remember to keep making lists like this for myself to complete, I’d be a heckuva lot more productive.

Before I forget, maybe I should now go and start scribbling something down…

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