The Business of Ben: A Big Deal

Anybody who has strolled the streets of Old City in Philadelphia, as I did this past Saturday with the fam, knows that Ben Franklin is, quite literally and figuratively (…and philosophically, and visually– see above…) the poster child of this historic municipality.

He was kind of a big deal in his day.

Now, in Philadelphia, you can see…

Yes, Franklin is omnipresent in the City of Franklinly Love, well over 200 years after his passing.

Heck, even the 76ers’ mascot is named Franklin the Dog. (Side note, I’m still partial to Big Shot.)

It’s difficult to fathom how influential he must have been during his lifetime since he impacted such a wide swath of humanity and lived at a time when so much was changing in the world.

Dare I say that Franklin didn’t just catch lightning in a bottle.

As for me, I hope that I can have just a sliver of influence that he has had.

I don’t think a blog alone will quite cut it, however.

But on second thought, let’s not forget that Franklin did get his business start in the publishing field…

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