Blues Hues

Oh, what walls would say if only they could talk.

I reckon that this wall, which I spotted recently at the Jersey Shore, would be able to share some lively recounts of colorful squabbling over which shade of blue to paint the house’s siding…

“We’re not doing acid wash blue. I like Seattle spruce better.”

“Absolutely not! Seattle spruce is so 1990.”

“Well, this isn’t the ’80s, and I’m not looking at Jordache jeans everyday. Too many bad memories of getting perms.”

“Ok, fine, how about Air Force Blue?”

“Nah, too depressing to think about World War II hues. Let’s just go with white.”


On a totally unrelated note: I paint this above scenario in tongue-in-cheek jest, but I would truly like to thank and remember all who sacrificed their lives during the Second Great War as we take time to remember D-Day 75 years ago. Those soldiers were true heroes in fighting for the red, white, and indeed all shades of blue.

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