Life Can Be Messy

Sometimes, life is messy.

Your work life collides with your home life. Your car careens over a chasm-sized pothole. Your blah brown paint muddies your brilliant blue paint.

Let’s hope that the latter is the worst of the messiness you will face in life, but the reality is we all have to face messiness at some point.

What if we embraced the mess?

That’s not to say we should seek out the mess. Or create mess where no mess is needed.

Instead, here’s a strategy to try: Recognize the mess for what it is. Try to clean it up as best you can. Find the brilliance that may be covered below the surface, and relish it.

Got your paintbrush ready?

(True story: Whilst composing this post, my laptop goofed up, and I lost almost all of my original draft. The mess is real.)

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